Managed IT-Services|OEM Equipment

About us

A unique IT company delivering its core mandate in the Technology industry to be among the premier IT-systems solutions providers in the country. Located at Canon Towers along Moi Avenue, we offer specialized integrated-single point support solutions to our clients.

With a broad experience of over 15years in designing, implementing and supporting complex IT business solutions achieved based on a strong foundation of delivering our promises, customer service excellence and best practices all supported by highly skilled and well experienced motivated team of techs and engineers. We constantly train our technical staff that allows us to provide innovative solutions and resolve issues faster and effectively.

We are focused at delivering technology solutions that are aimed at achieving our clients’ business objectives. As part of our commitment to quality, Sybex services are delivered under stringent Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices which is an accepted global standard for IT services management.

By developing long term partnership with our customers, and offering solutions which will significantly enhance their business performance. Sybex Technology concentrates on the corporate markets where information technology plays a significant role in achieving organizations’ goals and objectives.

Our Processes

As we have seen before, most support teams perform a variety of work, including bug-fixes, answering user questions and responding to all sorts of emergencies. Sybex Technology services are built around structured methodologies which enable us to deliver high effective IT support, underpinning by top quality customer service. The process we use is built on sound principle grown out of experience and informed by industry-standard best practices.

Why Sybex Technology?

1.    Experience.  
Sybex comprises a team of well experienced engineers who have been delivering technical solutions to corporate clients for a number of years. The team has the necessary expertise and skills to support your IT environment. From this experience, we have developed structured methodologies that allow us to deliver innovative solutions on Time and to Budget.  

2.    Quality of Service.  
Our commitment and adherence to quality standards and best practices and excellent customer service creates a world class of efficiency that we are exceptionally proud of.

3, Technical Excellence through training.  
Our expertise is built within our people, we never get tired investing in  
team training and certification as continual process. This ensures that we deliver what we promise and our solution are promising and working. With technology trends changes, we are always up to date with the changing world.  

4.     Financial Security.  
Our success has bred financial security and stability which means that we will be here to support and maintain your investment today and in the future 

5,      Global Partnership  
Our business is built upon the close working relationships that we develop with our customers offering them a wide range of technology value added services. Our customers see us as an integral extension to their business, enabling them to move confidently into the future, knowing that they are in a stable , value added and rewarding relationship. At sybex, we have partnered with world leading infrastructure manufacturers and software developers to ensure that our clients utilize the latest technology aligning them with their business to meet the production threshold and market demand.